Purchase of used storage and transport container systems

A major part of Leka Trading’s business involves the purchase of used storage and transport container systems. Do you have surplus stocks in storage and transport container systems you want to sell, or do you want to exchange old gitter boxes for new ones, for example? That is most certainly a possibility. Please send your request to info@lekatrading.com and include a clear photo of the storage and transport container system concerned - including quantities - and we will contact you.

We are interested in:

  • Gitter boxes in various types and sizes
  • Wire mesh containers
  • Industrial bins
  • Stock bins
  • Storage bins
  • Roll containers
  • Danish trolleys
  • Danish trolley shelves
  • Auction trolleys
  • Surplus stock
  • Etc. etc.

We guarantee:

  • Correct payment
  • Reliability
  • Quick collection using either our own or an external transporter.